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been forever
Friday. 12.28.07 5:31 pm
it's been a while since i've been on here...well, when i moved, i ended up messin up stuff on my comp which just happened to delete my favs. so this whole long time that i haven't written anything..i couldn't remember the name of the site.

so much has happened!
moved, had a baby, had to get rid of two dogs..much more..will write more later when i have free time

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The Best Way To Break A Heart
Monday. 10.16.06 3:41 am
girl1 falls madly in love with a boy. this boy loves someone else who already hurt him twice! girl1 confesses undying love for him. boy goes behind her back and trys to get with other girl(2). one night he needs to talk. he tells everything to girl1 who loves him...how he wants to be with this other girl2 and she wants to be with him but she has an issue to attend to and can't figure out what to do. so girl1 who loves boy realizes boy doesn't care that girl1 loves him. he doesn't want her. so she sits on the sidelines while she watches boy set him self up for heart break again with girl2.

easiest way to break someone's heart: let someone know how much you care/love someone other than them

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Wednesday. 10.11.06 259 pm
my mom always said that reality would just jump out one day and slap me in the face...she was always right. i have to realize alot of shit in the past few days..and it's been a non stop slapping fest. i guess i will have to try and write it all down but not right now...there are a few things i have to get done.

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Not Much To Say
Thursday. 10.5.06 4:15 pm
mood: fine
listening to: garbage - special

well it's been a pretty long day so far...i have been up since 1230am last nite and still up and at em!! it's been a pretty boring day..which isn't helpin it to go faster...LoL...got everyone up and outta here this morn..laid back down and watched tv til i got a phone call about returnin a movie...then shane came over and visited for like half hour then mikey got up to go get fayth while i got a shower.....they got back...she got ready for work and they both took off... steve came over for a bit..i ordered lunch and he ate and took off for work...now im sittin here jammin to garbage - special which is a great freakin song! it has been a long and borin day...so i guess i will write more later tonite when there is something more to talk about

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Thursday. 10.5.06 4:34 am
i'm sittin here typin up my blog entry after a long day of nothing but sleepin...i slept more today than i have in a couple of monthes! pretty bad the only time i get sleep is when im sick...i feel like complete shit..and my ankle is killin me!! mikey is now gettin sick too...hope greg and fayth don't get sick ...it's all steve's fault!! LoL he came over with a cold and left it here for us! turd..lol...ok well hasn't been much going on ...steve did his usual stop by and left early to hang with a girl named chelsea....the house is pretty quiet other than mikey listenin to some music while surfin the net also...so i guess i will write more again tomorrow after i get this damn house cleaned! ahh this place always seems to get dirty...and i didn't do any of it!! ok..nite

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I'm Back
Tuesday. 10.3.06 2:33 am
ok...the past few days have been the craziest! my best friend broke up with her man..he went "nuts" and treated all of us like shit...she had no where to go so i let her move in her..yes another roommate! (3 now) it's just so hard to explain all the shit that went down..oh...i have a severe sprained ankle...it was so great how i did it though...i fell off the bed! oh yes i did!! LOL...i can laugh about it now cuz the doc hooked me up..lol...ahhh but it's been so hellish around here....now im sick...thanks to steve..how sweet of him...lol... soo im just sittin here thinkin of everything while i hear mikey in his room listenin to techno and fayth is sleepin in my room while greg is watchin xmen 3 downstairs.....i would go to bed but i slept all day thanks to the pills...so i know im goin to be up all damn nite and most of tomorrow...but i guess its ok...i think im just going to go play some games ....maybe tomorrow write some more because i will be able to see the screen and everything...lol...nite

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